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You Can’t Always Get What you Want…

Yesterday, something wonderful and scary happened.
I got what I wanted.

Now, please bear in mind, I’m WAY more accustomed to disappointment.
When I had a big audition with a traveling theater company years ago, I was beyond nervous but I pulled off a good audition. So much so, that they offered me a spot on their roster. I was elated. I was going to be a paid actress and I would be touring! So, when they asked me to come in to read with people doing the second round of auditioning, I was happy to do it.
You can imagine my shock when I get a call later that day, saying that after watching me again, they rescinded their offer. I was… heartbroken.

A few years after that, I auditioned for a musical. THE musical that I’d been praying I could do. I was so scared. My audition wasn’t the best, but I got through it. And I showed enough personality to get a callback. A callback for the role of a lifetime. I’d already made up my mind that I would do the show no matter what the outcome of the callback. Which was a good mindset, I guess, since they had managed to cast my coveted role in the 18 hours between my audition and my “callback.” They had cast someone else and I got to watch her sing the songs I longed to do.

I was… devastated.

When I discovered that the man who would become my husband was just about everything I had asked for in a man, my first instinct was to run.
This was too good to be true. Something justĀ had to be wrong with him.
Of course, there ARE things wrong with him, but he accepts my crazy. Why shouldn’t I do the same?
To this day, I still occasionally ask him, “are you sure”?
Well, if he isn’t, it’s too late now!

So, I went to an open call yesterday.
I slogged through the rain and the humidity to find the theater and to put my name on the waiting list. Only, there was no list. There was one guy in front of me on line and that was it. I’d prepared a short monologue, but they didn’t need it. Cold reading, it is.
They asked about my schedule and that was it. In and out in 30 minutes!
I felt so good, I wandered a bit on my way to the train. Found a new place to buy hats.
I like hats.
I even stopped by the little cupcake lover truck. Had a strawberry cupcake that took me back to my childhood! I thought to myself, a fabulous end to a fabulous day.
Then I got home and discovered that the director had already called me.
I called back and he offered me the part.
A lead role in an Off-Broadway play.
Now, it’s “fabulous” with a capital “F!”
Now, to some this doesn’t mean much. I have friends who have done Broadway and for them, this would be just another day. For non-theater persons, this means absolutely nothing.

But for a stage mommy who’s still struggling and has been trying to get out of the “no budget, no press, no audience” type of theater I’ve been doing, it is a big, FREAKIN’ deal.
And that’s the problem. It’s the moment I’ve been waiting for and I’m honestly waiting for the other shoe to drop.
But, for now, we’ll see.
The rehearsal process begins Monday.
I’m very, very used to not getting what I want, so when I do, it scares me.

But maybe this will turn out to be like my husband, and I’ll end up getting what I want and need.

We’ll see.

Icky Club is back in da House!

So, the guys and I are getting back onstage this coming weekend.

At theĀ David vs. Goliath Music Fest at Cin-M-Artspace 43*.

Saturday night at 8:00 in Tribeca. Some new songs and a few favorites.

Also on the bill, The Feens, Rob Murat and Sunrise Skyline. (I feel like I just did an SNL teaser. Cool.)
$10 cover for all four acts. You can’t go wrong!!

*43 Murray St., between West Broadway & Church St.

Busy, busy, busy

Okay pumpkins, This one’s gonna get random.

So, I’ve been off the grid for a while and I might be gone again in a bit.
I’m putting things together to promo the band’s new show, organize things for my Little Man’s birthday as well as the myriad of holidays approaching. December is not the best month for “me time.”
Let’s start with yesterday.

Thanksgiving was great. Lots of food, good amount of family, I made pie. It was happiness. I actually got all dressed up, as did my husband. But since no one brought a camera this year, it was to no avail. Which is a shame, ’cause me and the boys looked good. It would just figure that when you’re looking “eh” at a family gathering, everyone has a camera.
After dinner, we played board games. My family sat around talking and laughing. And we spent today just walking around Astoria, doing small errands and playing with the Boy. There was no earthly way we were stepping into a mall today.

Now, I am not one to discount (no pun intended) one’s desire to find a good deal. But people… 4 am? Stores opening at 4 am to sell things?! People getting up to arrive at the store before 4 am to buy those things?! I cannot be party to this.
I believe it is why the Good Lord created ebay.

The Icky House Club is gearing up for the next show at the Duplex.
We’ve got a great show and are ready to rock. The Next Ridiculous Thing! Dec. 16th, people!

And that’s all I can think of right now. There are more things, but it’s 2 am, kids. Mama needs a nap.

So, my little guy and I have spent the past three days stuck inside the house.
The rain makes few things conducive.
He started getting a little restless yesterday, but I think he’ll pull through, especially with a visit from Grandma today.

So, today I have an audition (thus, the Grandma visit).
It’s for a movie. An independent movie and I have never been on an audition for that. I’m doing all of the usual audition stuff: packing up my headshot, fussing over my clothes, my hair, etc. But I’m one of those lame people who have never taken a course in camera acting, so this could end up a pleasant surprise for me or a HOT mess for the director. (make sure you hit the D# when you say “HOT”)

I’m also in the process of scheduling times for our band (you remember, the Icky House Club?) to perform. The boys are itchin’ to get back on a stage, so it’s my job to find it.
This’ll be fun.

All right kids, I’m off to find an outfit, feed my preschooler and make some semblance of order of my life. Toodles!

Another Closing of Another Show

Well, kids.
Tomorrow is your last chance to see GREEN! the Musical. 9 pm at the Gene Frankel Theater. I’ve had some fun with this show and I loved working with my friends. Heck, I even had a chance to make costumes. I never get to do that. And I think I did a pretty darn good job, if I do say so myself. And I shall say so.

But, I’m curious to do more. Since one of the guys will be out of commission for a while, the band will take a hiatus until the next show.
In the interim, I want to schedule some auditions and do some work on the audition process as well as treading the boards as myself, not just as 1/3 of the Icky House Club. Although I intend on keeping you posted on future Icky goings-on, I could use another project. Something of a Shakespearean ilk would be cool.

I’ve also been thinking about writing more. Once upon a time, I was an English major and a lit geek. Well, you know, moreso than now. At any rate, getting back to that can be liberating and can stir the creative senses. We can all use a little creative stirring every now and then.