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The stupid. It burns!!

So, about five days ago, I saw this headline from an article about a Kentucky church banning interracial couples from becoming members.
“I’m sorry, what?”

So, I just read that a church conference overturned their moment of stupid. It was voided because it kinda, sorta, I don’t know violated church, state and federal by-laws. Yeah, maybe someone should have checked on that BEFORE they made themselves the laughing stock of Kentucky.

In other stupid:
Michelle Bachmann.
Sometimes, it’s just too easy.
And yes, I heard about the kid who schooled her about his mommy.
He’s not the first. No doubt, he won’t be the last. But he’s on record because I imagine (coaxed by mommy or not), he’s the youngest.

But of all the very dumb things I have seen in the past couple of days, this punk is number one with a freaking bullet.

The Muppets?!

That’s all you’ve got?!?

The Muppet movie gives their villain a name like Tex Richman and that means the entire movie is about subtle manipulation of our children?

I’m not even going to talk about how pathetic that is. I’ll try a different tack.

Now, I understand the need to call out subliminal messages that are making a concerted effort to instill an unreasonable sense of mistrust on an oil corporation.

I mean, what have oil companies ever done to hurt people, plants, animals and general eco-systems?

But to pull out that tired, Communist card on the Muppets?! That’s a new low.

Rule #1: You don’t screw with the Muppets, jack.

Rule #2: You don’t. Screw. With. THE MUPPETS!!
Eric Bolling wins this week.

Or so I thought.

To be continued…


So, um…
I had not seen the GOP presidential debate, because A) I was in rehearsal for my show, and B) It would have taken place after dinner and I like to keep my food down.

So, I was completely oblivious to this little mishap that Gov. Rick Perry had done. All I knew was that there was a ruckus about it. Everyone was talking about this being Perry’s swan song. I was not so optimistic.
Then I read the transcript.
Then I actually watched what they’re calling, “the end of his campaign.”

Optimism doesn’t cover it.
This gave me such… glee. Sweet, evil, glee.
Hey, Rick. You might want to re-think eliminating the agency of Education.
Just sayin’.