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Viral request

I need your help.
As some of you may know, I am part of a band, The Icky House Club.
Well, just last week, we premiered our first official video, “Sorrowful.” Guess what?
I forgot to premiere it here. Sigh.
Well, pumpkins, no’w your chance to see it!
Click below, check it out and like, like, like. Comment if you so choose.
Our drummer, Bj has slaved and toiled to make this happen. The man has cut, spliced and edited this bad boy and more of you should watch it.
I believe it catches the essence of who we are.

Well, what are you waiting for?! GO!

Life upon the wicked stage.

So, I am at the three week checkpoint for rehearsals.
With a fantastic support system, my family is managing to handle two performers working at the same time. oy.
A lot of it involves offering favors and “tagging out.” My husband and I arrange for a time, I bring the child, an exchange is made. A lot of running back and forth before rehearsal even gets started.
But, rehearsals are going great. My cast is beleaguered, but fantastic. By week’s end, we’re exhausted but ready for the next level. It’s going to be big.
Not to mention there’s still a band to worry about. We’ve got a show coming up and we need to get people there. Next week at the Village Lantern. Check the Icky House Club facebook for details. Songs will be sung, costumes will be worn and mayhem will reign. And then, I’ll learn my lines, I swear. : )

Icky Club is back in da House!

So, the guys and I are getting back onstage this coming weekend.

At theĀ David vs. Goliath Music Fest at Cin-M-Artspace 43*.

Saturday night at 8:00 in Tribeca. Some new songs and a few favorites.

Also on the bill, The Feens, Rob Murat and Sunrise Skyline. (I feel like I just did an SNL teaser. Cool.)
$10 cover for all four acts. You can’t go wrong!!

*43 Murray St., between West Broadway & Church St.